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Costume and Fashion

Welcome to my portfolio. This is a collection of my favorite works so far, to see more of my works please click on my gallery ☺️


Celia from ‘As you like it’

Anne Curry played a big part in the creation of course I am currently enrolled in. Unfortunately, she passed away before the course was opened. Curry donated her beautiful costume designs to LIPA and we were assigned a design each to bring to life. Mine was Celia from ‘As you Like it’. My design was sculptural is probably the most challenging costume I have been tasked with making to date; it is also my favourite work so far! The costume was created for my MA in costume making.

JOM (1).jpg

Mother Abbess costume

Designing and making this veil was such a rewarding challenge. We did not have enough budget to buy more fabric for the design I created for the veil so instead of adapting the design I cut up scrap fabrics into the desired shapes and stuck them on.  This costume was made for the Manoel Theatre and MADC performance of 'Jew of Malta' and was mentioned in the review of the production on the local newspaper.

0517_The Task (PRINT)-2884.jpg

The Unfinished Cuttlefish

This costume was designed by Ian Kirk and as the title indicates needed to look unfinished. I had never worked with liquid latex, so making the tentacle mask harness was my favorite part of creating this costume. The costume was made for LIPA's acting MA performance of 'The Task'.

Bradford shirtdress (3).jpg

Rip Torn Florals shirt dress

When on Erasmus I got the chance to see Bradford College’s textile achieves, from which it was noted that floral textiles have been mode for practically as long as textile design. Inspired by the title ‘Rip Torn florals’ and the quote ‘ Look like th’ innocent flower,
But be the serpent under ’t.’ I designed and made this shirt dress. I also designed the textile at the back and embroidered a snake skeleton. I loved the way the dress moved and overall silhouette.

Clothing: Projects

Alessia's Project

Alessia is a 16 year old pianist on the autism spectrum. This project was a collaboration with Ale and a team of amazing creatives who worked together to bring Ale's vision of the world to life. I loved meeting Alessia and learning about what she likes to wear in order to design and make her costumes. Working as the costume designer as well as maker was a thrilling experience, I loved every minute of it!

Clothing: Video

The Way Back

'The Way Back' is Malta's first English drama series. Designing, making and sourcing the costumes for this production was a thrilling experience. This was my first time working in such a high position for filmed costume rather than stage.

Clothing: Video
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